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Photo shows 2200XP battery sitting outside.

When the grid fails or you're otherwise left without power, what's your backup plan?

Even a standard generator has its limits. Key life-savers like heat sources, critical medical devices, and communication gear will fizzle out when your reserve dries up; that is, unless you're prepared in advance.

Enter the 2200XP Expansion Battery. It's a non-negotiable when amplifying your power supply and should always be part of your 2200 Solar Generator System setup.

  • TOUGH AS NAILS – Looks can be deceiving. Despite a sleek design and small size, this battery packs a wallop, and stacking them together means you can tap into even more power.
  • POWER YOUR WAY – Group up to seven of these batteries together and construct your power tower for emergencies. Connect them to your Grid Doctor 2200 and amplify your overall system’s capacity to a whopping 16,384 watt hours!
  • STACK THEM UP – These compact units stack seamlessly on top of your 2200 battery. Line them up in your bunker, tool shed, closet, or jam them in the back of your car.
  • CHARGE IN FOUR WAYS – Juice up the 2200XP from a wall socket, car adapter, solar panel, or directly through the Grid Doctor 2200. While it charges, use it to power your appliances and devices. Uninterrupted power is yours.
  • BUILT TO LAST – The sturdy lithium iron phosphate battery is good for over 3,000 cycles, offering a tough and cost-efficient power solution off the grid.
  • LEAVES NOTHING BEHIND – With multiple outlets, you can keep everything from your camping gear to kitchen appliances powered. It's even got your camper covered.
  • EXPERIENCE ULTRA-FAST CHARGING WITH 1800W POWER: Our advanced bilateral inverter technology outpaces traditional charge controllers, offering lightning-fast solar charging in just 3-4 hours, and even quicker wall charging in 2.4 hours. 

Currently, we do not ship Grid Doctor products to Canada.

    Here's what's included:

    • 2200 battery
    • AC charging cable
    • XT60-MC4 solar charging cable
    • XT60 car charging cable
    • Instruction manual


    Image shows a 2200XP battery on an indoor table.

    When disaster strikes, maintaining some semblance of normalcy is crucial for keeping yourself on track and in a resilient mindset.

    That alone is one of many reasons why having a backup power source for emergencies is essential. It allows you to maintain as many of your regular routines as possible.

    In an emergency lasting three days, this is what you need to keep your household up and running like it’s any other ordinary day: one 2200 battery and four of these 2200XP expansion batteries.

    Here’s what you can keep in operation with the 2200XP battery:

    • Kitchen appliances, from coffee makers to microwaves
    • Refrigerators and small freezers
    • Washing machines
    • Window air conditioning units and box fans
    • TVs, computers, and phones
    • HAM radios
    • Internet routers
    • Home medical equipment
    • Power tools
    • LED lights and motion lights
    • Residential electric fences
    • Water pumps


    For the ultimate power supply, pair up to seven 2200XP batteries with the Grid Doctor 2200. Together, they’re a force of nature; they’ll deliver a consistent stream of energy.

    Whether you’re hunkered down at home or setting up camp somewhere else, the 2200XP shines. Stack multiple units to create a powerful energy pillar, or split them up for individual use.* This is just the flexibility you need when you’re with a large group or big family. Divide and spread out the power, then conquer the crisis!


    Shows 2200XP battery and 2200 battery powering a laptop.

    Utilizes the latest technology to charge your electric appliances in a fraction of the time that standard power sources take.


    Thanks to pass-thru charging, there’s no need to wait for a full battery. Charge the generator while you use it to power your electric appliances and keep your household running! This uninterrupted power supply allows you to keep essential electronics operational at all times.


    Charge up this battery by the sun, with an AC wall outlet, through a car adapter, or directly through the Grid Doctor 2200. That means whether your at-home power is out, you’re stranded inside your car, or you’re bugging out in the woods, power is possible! Charge virtually any appliance or device you own.

    (Do not use a GFCI outlet to charge the 2200XP battery.)


    Equipped with multiple power outlets, this powerhouse can practically power it all: kitchen appliances, power tools, ham radio mobile base stations, residential electric fences, and so much more. It can charge and run appliances in your home, inside your RV, and at your campsite.

    Shows 2200XP battery in the car.


    Having the ability to use your appliances and keep your household running smoothly as the battery charges is an underrated convenience in an emergency.

    You won't have to go without anything:

    • COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION – Keep phones, walkie-talkies, and other electronics charged to stay connected to family, friends, and emergency services. Plug in the radio, TV, or computer for breaking news, weather forecasts, and critical emergency information.
    • SAFETY – Keep the lights on to continue crucial tasks in the dark, as well as prevent accidents and other hazards.
    • MEDICAL TREATMENT – If someone in your survival circle relies on medical equipment that requires electricity, this uninterrupted power supply will be a literal lifesaver.
    • FOOD PRESERVATION – Prevent food from spoiling when connected to a refrigerator or freezer. Food is among your most precious resources, so you’ll want to save as much of it as you can!
    • FLEXIBILITY – Adapt to different situations. Use the generator as it charges from solar power during the day, then rely on stored energy at night.

    • SIMPLICITY – No juggling act needed. Charge and use the appliances you want, when you want.
    • EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE – Because the generator can be charged while in use, you’re less likely to deplete the battery. This extends the longevity of the unit.

    In addition to pass-thru charging capabilities, the 2200XP offers protected charging options. Maximum Power Point Tracking, or MPPT, protects you and your appliances in an emergency through efficient charging.

    Energy-efficient charging refuels faster, returning your appliances to full operational status sooner. Plus, the more efficient your energy use, the longer these essential electronics can run. Overall, energy efficiency reduces your dependence on unstable or unavailable power grids, making you more self-sufficient during disasters!


    • Battery Capacity: 2048Wh 3.2V/640000mAh, (51.2V/40000mAh)
    • Battery Type: LiFePO4
    • Cycle Life: 3500 Cycles
    • Charge Controller: MPPT Control System
    • Input Ports: AC (XT60), Adapter (200W); Solar Charging (XT60) (12V-48V/10A 200W Max); Car Charging (XT60) (12V-8A 24V-8.3A); Expansion Port (Recharging with Grid Doctor 2200)
    • Output Ports: Car Port Socket (12V-10A 120W Total); XT90 (48V-15A 720W Total); USB-A (1 Port: 5V-2.4A 12W Total); USB-C (1 Port: 5V-3A/9V-3A/12V-3A/15V-3A/20V-5A 100W PD 200W Total)
    • Discharging Temperature: 14°~104° F (-10°~40° C), Recommended 68°~86° F
    • Charging Temperature: 32°~104° F (0°~40° C), Recommended 68°~86° F
    • Dimensions: 18.7 x 11.65 x 9.51 Inches (475 x 296 x 242mm)
    • Weight: 41 lbs. (18.6 kg)
    • Certification: UN38.3
    • Additional Features: pass-thru charging, intuitive display, stackable for amplified power


    • Upon receiving your 2200XP, plug it in immediately. The battery may be depleted from shipping, and it is crucial to charge it as soon as possible to preserve its lifespan.
    • Cold weather will impact battery capacity. Use this product in ambient temperatures ranging from 32°F and 86°Ffor the most maximized performance.
    • If not using the battery for extended periods, charge it to at least 60% and check the power level every three months.
    • This battery can be charged with solar panels, AC wall outlets, and car adapters. The maximum solar charging input is 10A, with a power input cap of 200W. Exceeding 200W will not damage the unit, but the input will remain at 200W.
    • Ensure you read and follow all safety precautions outlined in the included instructions to guarantee the safe and proper use of the product.
    • This device may be hot while charging. Exercise caution when handling. Keep in a well-ventilated area while charging.
    • Do not place in hot, humid, or dusty environments.
    • Do not heat or throw into fire, water, or other liquids.
    • Do not drop or disassemble.
    • Do not allow children to play with this device.


    *The 2200XP Expansion Battery Unit contains only "DC-Out" ports. It will run devices (not included) with "cigarette lighter plugs" (12V adapters) or USB-A and USB-C plugs (like most cell phones). It can also run AC devices using an inverter adapter.


    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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