About Us

Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times

When we launched My Patriot Supply in 2008, we had no idea what 2020 would bring. Nobody did. And 2021 shows no signs of being much different. 

But ever since our first day, we’ve been on a quest that’s enabled us to help millions of families like yours prepare for whatever challenges the future might bring.

Today, we’ve earned our reputation as a respected nationwide leader in the emergency food and preparedness business.

We live by this motto: “It’s Not Just Food. It’s Freedom.”

And recent events continue to teach us all how true that is.

The widespread civil unrest and power grid failures in America today is proof that the future is more uncertain than ever before. Everything from food supply chains to basic public safety are now becoming unpredictable and concerning. 

That means preparedness and self-reliance are of the utmost importance – and must never be overlooked.

We believe it’s every person’s patriotic duty to achieve true independence from our world’s increasingly unstable system. We believe in fortitude, not fear.

And that’s why we’re here to help you – with the highest-quality survival products at the most reasonable prices possible. After all, when your life depends on it…

We’re always looking ahead, and finding ways to improve what we do. This means introducing new and innovative products every year – and finding more ways to give our loyal customers helpful options when it comes to preparedness and self-reliance.

We're honored to be included as a part of your preparedness plan, and look forward to working with you and your family to help achieve those goals.

Don’t Take Risks. Demand the Best.

Despite the difficult days of pandemic-related shortages, we’ve kept our commitment to 5-Star Customer Service that's available 24/7/365 and fast-as-possible delivery. Read our customer reviews about our company and our products. We think you’ll be favorably impressed!

Again, we’re honored to be on your team – helping you with your preparedness plan, and serving you faithfully in the days ahead.

Let everyone else take tomorrow for granted.

We’re taking steps for survival. Today.