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What Is Ready Hour?

What is Ready Hour?

You may have seen it in the last month or two. The rugged, black packaging with a different name.  

Ready Hour, by My Patriot Supply, is our new food storage brand. 

The emergency foods you’ve relied on are basically the same. The favorites like Homestyle Potato Soup, Traveler’s Stew and Black Bean Burger are all still there. We’ve added a few new meals we hope you’ll try. And, we’ll roll out a few more new items over the next several weeks - watch for them!

In addition, the packaging has been improved. It’s tougher, with 4 layers that block light, provide a moisture and oxygen barrier, and resist punctures when handled. The resealable zipper top remains, so you can use the portion you want for a meal and seal up the rest for use later. 

That’s Ready Hour, by My Patriot Supply

In other news, we hope you’ve also seen and experienced our new Guaranteed 2-Day Delivery! Disasters don’t wait, why should you? Order any of the over 300 products today on MyPartiotSupply.com and we’ll get them to your doorstep discretely and fast! 

As the leader in the preparedness industry and the original “patriot” company, My Patriot Supply is proud to give loyal customers like you more options when it comes to preparedness. Whether it’s food storage plans that average 2,000+ calories per day, the ability to Buy Now & Pay Later, or our 5-Star customer service (see over 25,000 verified customer reviews), our pledge to you is to to continually innovate and help you and your family prepare for what’s coming. 

Stay alert, friends, and thank you for your continued business! 

In liberty, 

Grant Miller

Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply


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