Special Preparedness Bulletin - Family Edition

Special Preparedness Bulletin - Family Edition

Special Preparedness Bulletin - Family Edition

People often ask me: "What motivates you, Matt?"

My answer always comes down to two things. The first I've written to you about many times before: history and the lessons it teaches us.

The other answer is easy: family. This is true for everyone at My Patriot Supply. That's why we only develop and sell preparedness products we trust and use with our own families.

However, up until now, there was something missing from our range of emergency food supplies.

You see, all of our kits in the past were developed for one person. There's a major reason why we did this, and I'll explain in just a little bit.

But we've been listening to loyal customers like you who have been asking for more options.

Today, I'm pleased to announce that we've added a number of new kits designed for two or four people. You'll get all the same incredible recipes and flavors you've come to expect from our tasty emergency food, in quantities that are perfect for couples.

There was one obstacle that stood in our way - and it has to do with how the rest of the preparedness industry sells to couples.

We figured out an easy way to overcome this obstacle and give families like yours exactly what you asked for.


When we originally developed our emergency food kits, the preparedness industry had a reputation for misleading families that we didn't want be associated with.

What these companies do is advertise " Couples or Family Kits" that contain less food per person than their individual kits. There are many reasons preparedness companies do this, but it mostly comes down to cost and space. They want to increase their bottom line by giving you less food, thus, taking up less space in their warehouse.

Why should couples and families have to survive on less?

As a hard-working family man, this kind of behavior doesn't sit right with me. Simply put, we don't want anyone to think we were involved in misleading couples. There's just too much at stake when it comes to being prepared

So when we decided to offer emergency food options for couples who asked for them, we found a simple solution. All we had to do was double what's inside our individual kits that already had adult portions, then label and package them for couples.

We didn't worry about cutting costs - helping you prepare is our bottom line.

Storage wasn't an issue either because our signature slim-line totes already save more space than our competitors. That means our couples emergency food kits will fit easily and conveniently in your home, too.

When you buy an emergency food supply from us, you'll receive the same amount of food per person, or double per couple, or quadruple per family (with savings). You get the same delicious recipes. Ultimately, you get the same peace of mind as you would if you were preparing for yourself only.

Our ultimate goal is to do more for people like your, not expect you to survive with less.

    Not sure what you need? Our preparedness experts are standing by to help. Just call 866-229-0927 and we can discuss your options.

    We're here for you every step of the way.

    In Liberty,

    Grant Miller
    Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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