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Special Diets & Personal Tastes: Your Guide to Custom Food Storage for 2021

How To Easily Customize Your Long-Term Food Storage Supply If You Have Special Dietary Needs or Food Preferences 

When people are thinking of building their food storage plan, they often ask our experts these questions...

  • How much food do I need?
  • How long can I keep it in storage?
  • Where will I keep it? 

These are very important questions that should not be overlooked. However, none of those matter if you can’t answer this question…

During a crisis, will you be able to (or even WANT to) eat this food?

In modern daily life, people’s diets have become highly specialized.

Many folks have learned that they can’t eat certain foods because of health concerns.

Or, sometimes we simply don’t like certain kinds of foods. 

This can impact what foods you choose to stockpile for emergencies. Because if you can’t or won’t eat it, what good is storing it for a crisis?

Although we can’t give advice on what you should or shouldn’t eat, we can give you some “food for thought” on the smartest decisions you can make if you have special dietary needs or personal preferences.

And this goes for ALL members of your family – especially if you have finicky toddlers or hard-to-please teenagers to feed.

The good news is that we have so many types of foods to choose from – including special foods for restricted diets – there shouldn’t be a problem acquiring the kinds of foods you and your family will love to eat.

For instance, we carry 50+ different “Case Packs”  and large #10 Cans which allow you to “mix and match” your food storage supply according to your unique dietary needs or tastes.

This gives you the option of building your own custom food supply from scratch – so you only store the food you know you’ll eat when the time comes.

Our Ready Hour Case Packs and #10 Cans are the ideal solution.

You see, our Case Packs include multiple resealable pouches. This is a great way to portion food for special diets – whether you’re feeding one vegetarian or an army of gluten-intolerant survivors. Simply open as many pouches as needed and the remaining unopened pouches retain their long shelf life for up to 25 years.

Our #10 Cans are designed to give you the largest quantity of the foods you love – in bulk form, for easier storage and lower cost.

Unopened cans last for up to 25 years. Once opened, the food stays fresh for a whole year! And the large durable cans are easily repurposed for all kinds of handy uses around the house or in the field.

Below, we’ve organized our Case Packs and #10 cans into common dietary needs and preferences, for your convenience. Simply pick and choose what you want!

As you can see, our Case Pack and #10 Can variety was developed to serve a wide variety of diets, preferences, and tastes. It’s the best way to cover everything you need to be able to accommodate when a crisis strikes.

If you need help building or adding to your emergency food supply according to your personal needs, our preparedness advisors are standing by. Call them at 866-229-0927. We’ll be happy to walk through what you’ve got on your mind.

I hope you have found this helpful as you move on to the next steps of your preparedness journey.

In Liberty,
Grant Miller
Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply


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