Preparedness Lessons learned from Race for the White House on CNN

Preparedness Lessons learned from Race for the White House on CNN

I've been wanting to share a story with you about these presidential primaries.

CNN is airing a series called, "Race for the White House" with Kevin Spacey as the narrator. One episode in particular that captured my attention was the 1860 election between Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln.

What made the 1860 race so critical was how the fabric of our country started tearing itself apart. The fate of the country was literally hanging in the balance. Not to mention how dirty and nasty both politicians could be when it came to winning the election.

I could see so many similarities between the 1860 race and what we're watching unfold this year. Name calling, vague policy statements, rioting at events, tension, mistrust and just a sense of unease overall with this collection of candidates.

Now, the reason I'm telling you this is because right now we're living through another period of uncertainty. No one knows what the future will hold.

Candidates are at each other's throats. There's a general distaste for the process of who will lead us being discussed by many Americans. However, there's always one person who does have complete control over your life - regardless of who is president or how they got there.


The one person in control is you.

You are the single person right now who can shape your own destiny. No politician truly ever has control over your liberty and freedoms unless you allow it to happen.

The one true path to liberty is to ensure you can remain fully self-reliant no matter what comes next. While there's no foolproof way to prepare for everything, you can at least guarantee yourself to eat well in the meantime.

Here's my suggestion - pick up a 4-Week Emergency Food Supply. You can have a look at everything click here.

I'm going to send you a month's worth of meals with dishes like Traveler's Stew, soups, and even dessert. Your food supply will last up to 25 years without spoiling and you can store it easily just about anywhere in your home.

Most importantly, you've taken a major step in terms of experiencing pure freedom. You will never rely on friends, family or government to care for you in a time of need.

If you do nothing else with what I've shared today with you consider what might happen if you allow a politician to control your fate. Would this be something you're comfortable with?

I doubt it. So take the next step in securing your independence and let me send you a 4-Week supply of food, shipped free. Click to get started: 4-Week Food Supply.

In Liberty,

Grant Miller
Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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