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Most-Read Preparedness Stories of 2018

While we’re only halfway through 2018, this volatile year has already seen significant developments that seriously affect folks like us who prepare.

#1: FEMA Began on a Low Note – And Kept Repeating It

The year started out with a bold proclamation from FEMA:

  • “FEMA is broke.
  • The system is broken.
  • If this is the new normal, Americans can't rely on a federal cavalry when disaster strikes. They will have to take care of themselves.”

    Where did this statement come from? Some disgruntled, rogue agent within FEMA? Nope. Straight from the horse’s mouth – the statement is from Brock Long, the new head of FEMA.

    I admire the man’s honesty. It’s something we haven’t gotten from FEMA, well, ever. Long and other top brass at FEMA have been repeating his initial message in some form or another almost weekly. While FEMA’s failure is something we’ve long lamented, it’s time for all unprepared Americans to wake up and heed the call. It’s our duty to spread that message.

    See the links below for all our coverage on FEMA’s ongoing failures:

    FEMA Admits Failure – Finally.

    30 Million Meals for Hurricane Survivors Canceled By FEMA

    FEMA: We Need to “Build a Culture of Preparedness.” And How?!

    #2: All Signs Point to a Volatile Summer

    Now that summer is officially here, we’re keeping an intense watch on things that have been heating up for the past two months or so.

    Particularly, we’re seeing a huge rise in natural disaster activity. Thousands of earthquakes in California. Kilauea exploding (now with lava flowing faster than humans can run). Wildfires popping up early. Plus an already active hurricane season, with one named storm coming over Memorial Day Weekend.

    Click the link below to read all the possible threats we’re watching this summer:

    Crises Begin to Boil Before Summer Even Arrives

    Volcano Preparedness 101

    Earthquakes vs. Hurricanes – How to Prepare for Both

    #3: Don’t Forget About EMPs

    While natural disasters have taken center stage in much of our preparedness attention, we still feel that EMP preparedness is crucial. After all, being such a devastating threat, being prepared for EMPs prepare us for the worst. We also forget that a huge EMP could be the result of a solar flare, also a product of mother nature. The EMP threat can visit us in many forms, which is why it’s important to be knowledgeable about this subject so we can prepare.

    Click the links below to read our recent EMP articles:

    Starfish Prime and the History of EMPs

    The Latest EMP News

    #4: A Few Great Lessons from a Scouts’ Weekend

    Earlier this year, I had the chance to help guide my nephew’s Scout troop on a wilderness weekend.

    We learned many valuable lessons on life, survival and preparedness – simply from practicing how to start a fire. I was humbled to be a part of these young boys’ journey, and also the positive responses received from readers like you. Thank you.

    You can read that article here:

    Preparedness Lessons from the Boy Scouts

    #5: Guide to Preparedness for Special Diets

    We’ll end on a practical note. You should know that when it comes to your emergency food supplies, you can customize it to your personal diet, preferences and tastes. We offer many complete kits for convenience, but many want to build it completely custom. You can also do a bit of both!

    If you are preparing for people who are lactose-intolerant, require low-sugar, low-sodium, soy-free or gluten-free options, this guide can help.

    Click the link to read it – don’t forget to save it for the next time you go to customize your food storage:

    Guide to Customizing Your Food Supply for Special Diets

    We hope this preparedness roundup helps you catch up and re-focus your attention as we head into the latter half of 2018.

    If there are stories we’re not following that you’d like to see, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

    Have a great weekend, friends. And stay alert out there!

    In Liberty,

    Grant Miller

    Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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