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Say It Proudly - Merry Christmas Now More Than Ever

This time last year, the world had no idea what it was in for.

Sure, we all knew the U.S. presidential election would be intense – as it surely has. But early in the year, the global outbreak of COVID-19 took everyone by surprise. We were told it was going to be a “Boomer Eraser” – that millions of senior citizens might die.

The severity of the reaction (or over-reaction) was unprecedented. Never before (in our lifetimes) had governments around the world enforced strict shutdowns and lockdowns and “stay-at-home” orders upon their entire populations.

As you know, fear and panic are the most powerful human emotions – and we all got a glimpse of what can happen when we’re confronted with life-threatening danger. The worst possible scenarios grip our minds, and people can easily become terrified.

But now we’re at the end of 2020 – and it’s Christmastime.

Normally the most joyous time of year, Christmas has been forced to take a back seat to COVID. People aren’t traveling to see loved ones. Family get-togethers are highly restricted. Churches and schools are closed or inhibited. Traditional concerts and school plays aren’t allowed. Instead of wearing smiles, everyone wears a mask.

But that doesn’t mean Christmas is defeated. Not by a long shot.

The true spirit of Christmas can never die.

And that’s why everyone here at My Patriot Supply has made a special effort to get into the Christmas spirit this year – and we proudly say “Merry Christmas” every chance we get!

Have you noticed how that wonderful, simple phrase has made a comeback this year?

People aren’t so interested in being “politically correct” like they were in years past – when it was almost a crime to say “Merry Christmas” to someone! Nobody dares make an issue out of it these days, thankfully.

The COVID-19 crisis has actually caused people to reflect on how fragile life is… and how much we owe to our Creator as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

And while family get-togethers and celebrations won’t be the same this year, folks are actually taking the opportunity to slow down and appreciate each other in new ways.

Even saying “Merry Christmas” is catching on.

You could even say it’s “contagious”!

And so, we encourage you to join us in saying “Merry Christmas” to as many people as possible this year.

Remember: Christmas isn’t “over” on the 26th of December. It lasts until Epiphany, when the Wise Men arrived to give homage to the King of Kings. Bearing gifts, with angels surrounding them, they knew what was really important in the world.

Today, we still celebrate the birth of the Savior. Maybe even more thoughtfully than ever before.

And we proudly say “Merry Christmas” to one and all.

Yours truly in the Christ Child,

Grant Miller
My Patriot Supply

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