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Is Your Plan Water-Contamination Proof?

As the well-known survivalist Rule of Threes states, we can only survive three days without safe water. In comparison, we can survive three weeks without food.

As Grant explained last week, water is the foundation for taking care of our other survival needs. It's certainly difficult to cook or prepare food without water. And being delirious from dehydration makes it nearly impossible to find or build an adequate shelter.

So, it is our expert opinion that water is the single most important element to survival.

Keys to Filtration in a Crisis

Many Americans filter their water every day. While we believe this is an important first step - cleaner, safer water is always critical - this is where folks without a preparedness mindset get off the bus.

In fact, many of the water filtration solutions available today are practically useless in a crisis.


Common pitcher filters are only designed to handle common contaminants like chlorine and those that cause odors. In a crisis that involves flooding, for example, wastewater can get into our drinking water, introducing bacteriological and possibly viral contaminants. Most pitcher filters are not designed to handle these contaminants.

In-fridge filters and even those expensive reverse-osmosis systems require electricity to do their job. If the grid goes down as is likely during most emergencies, these solutions will not help you at all.

That's why, when My Patriot Supply set out to create a true emergency preparedness water filtration system, we knew we had to overcome both obstacles mentioned above.

For any water filtration system to be truly ready for an emergency, it must be prepared to handle a wide variety of contaminants without the use of electricity.

This was the baseline requirements we set out to reach. After years of research and development, the Alexapure Pro was born.

The groundbreaking water filter technology behind the Pro can target 200+ contaminants and reduce them by up to 99.9999%. This includes:

  • Bacteria, viruses, and parasites
  • Heavy metals like lead
  • Disinfectants like chlorine and fluoride
  • Pesticides and pharmaceuticals
  • Chromium-6 (Erin Brockovich would be proud)
  • Arsenic
  • Mercury
  • And more. Click here to see full test results.

What's even better? It's entirely gravity-fed, which means it works in a crisis or anywhere off the grid.

But we didn't stop there. We wanted to make sure that this system would hold up for the duration of any major long-term crisis. That's why each of up to four filters has a capacity of 5,000 gallons. All for pennies a gallon to use.

The four available filter ports also enable you to increase your flow rate - which can be critical in a crisis. Even if you know your tap water is contaminated, if it's still running in a crisis, it may be your only option. You want to filter and store as much as possible as quickly as possible, and this feature of the Pro helps you do that with ease.

Like many of the preparedness advisors at My Patriot Supply, I use my Pro system daily and store extra filters as a backup. In fact, my fellow advisor Grant keeps a whole extra system with backup filters stashed at his secret "bug-out" location. It's true that one can never be over-prepared.

I hope you found today's Survival Scout to be helpful, especially if you've been considering adding much-needed water filtration to your plan.

If you need help figuring out exactly the right set up for you, don't hesitate to call our preparedness advisors directly for advice: 1.866.229.0927

In Liberty,

Elizabeth Anderson
Preparedness Advisor

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