Disturbing Things People Do with Their Tax Refunds

Disturbing Things People Do with Their Tax Refunds


Did you receive your tax refund yet?

It's somewhat amusing to see what people say they'll do with their tax refunds. After working hard all year, many are impatient, awaiting delivery of the check from the government. Finally, the big day comes with average bank account adding $3,120 with the refund.

People proudly plan to do things like pay down credit cards, put the money away for a rainy day or get their financial house in order. Yet, there's the temptation too to spend it on something fun.

It turns out what most Americans say they'll do with their refund money is radically different than what they actually spend it on. Here're just a few examples I found surfing around on the website CheatSheet:

  • Going to Vegas - 12% of Americans wind up taking their refunds in search of letting loose in places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Let's be honest, you know the odds of them winning is slim and approaches zero the longer they stay in front of those "lucky" slot machines.
  • Shopping Spree to Bankruptcy - Reading this part actually hurt. The website reported 7% of Americans go on rampant shopping sprees. One Twitter user posted, "Spent tax refund on luxury goods, now considering bankruptcy." Wow, really? Think about going from a tax-year refund surplus to bankruptcy.
  • How about a new nose job? - People reported using their refunds for plastic surgeries. What makes this disturbing is not the purchase but payment plans that will quickly absorb tax refund - and then some more.

The reason why I'm sharing these stories isn't to shame anyone. Listen, we all have passions and hobbies we love investing in. However, there's a way to invest your money into something that's not only practical but wise at the same time.

Let me explain.

Right now, thousands of Americans are taking their tax refunds and investing in preparedness. Some of our customers do this for the day when they might lose a job, and others for when a national emergency strikes.

The popular choice is investing the money into our 3-Month Emergency Food Supply ( click here to have a look).

Invest your refund on something important.

With an average refund of $3,000, you can use just a small portion and "prepare for a rainy day." With 3-months to start, you'll actually be prepared for a lot more than a little rain shower, and you can't beat that kind of security.

If you're curious to see how you can prepare yourself the uncertainty of tomorrow, take a moment to plan ahead and click here: 3-Month Emergency Food Supply.

Preparedness is the one true investment that leads to complete freedom.

In Liberty,

Grant Miller
Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply


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